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Start your ride with C+Walk S

Hello, I’m Toyota C+Walk S providing effortless mobility to all.

C+Walk S is an easy-to-operate 3-wheeled electric vehicle.

It goes up to 6km/h and it is designed to use in walking areas.

C+Walk S can be used by all the Paralympic residents and visitors via a mobile app.

Get ready

Do you have the mobile app Toyota Paris 2024 – KINTO installed on your phone?

Congratulations, you can register now!

Open the App and follow the steps:

1. Click on “Find a vehicle”

2. Click on the corresponding vehicle on the map

3. Click on the “three points” icon

4. Click on “Scan QR”

5. Scan the QR code on the vehicle

Start your trip!

Download the app

To ensure fair and easy access to Toyota C+walk S and Yosh-E, both types of micro mobility devices are available exclusively via the mobile App "Toyota Paris 2024 ‑ KINTO".