1. About us


We believe in taking the trouble out of travel so that exploring the city is less of a challenge and more a celebration of effortless movement. In fact, we’re paving the way for Toyota to transition from an automotive company into a mobility one. So that getting from A to B is easy and effortless for everyone.

A little bit about us

Born in 2019, our culture is a little unique because we’re a start-up backed by the largest automotive brand in the world – Toyota. We’re a diverse yet driven group of people of all ages and origins, cultures and ideals.

Our Vision - To be the preferred service provider for each mobility need by providing a one-stop-shop mobility solutions to all our customers.

Our Values

  • Simplicity & Effortlessness – We aim at creating an eco-system for our customers to offer a seamless digital experience where everything is one click away.
  • Inclusivity - We want to provide a reliable experience for all needs and abilities – across all types of journeys.
  • Sustainability - We believe that minimizing the impact on the environment is essential for our future.