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COVID-19: Sustainable commuting for a safer return to work

Get your staff moving again, safely. Promote and reward employee solidarity.

Help support your employees return to work

Companies are investing significantly to create safe working environments for employees when they return to work. Many recognise that their responsibility extends to the employee commute, and are actively searching for safer travel options.

We seek to support these efforts by offering a solution that encourages active travel for employee commutes.

Reward your walkers and cyclists

Prior to the pandemic, green travel options have always been good alternatives to traditional transport. Now, with the guidelines to avoid physical contact where possible, walking and cycling are, more than ever, at the forefront of UK Government commuting advice. Active travel is not only environmentally friendly, good for employee health and wellbeing, and cost effective, it is a less-risky alternative to public transport, if you have to travel to work during this time.

Thanks to our unique technology, we can verify active journeys in real-time and empower employers to provide incentives such as gift cards or coffee vouchers, for example.

The new normal: Should everyone be driving to work alone?

We’ve all witnessed the positive impacts that lockdown has had on the environment, including air pollution dropping to record levels in cities. However, with lockdowns easing across the globe, the positive impacts have already begun to dissipate. Some experts fear that the world risks a future with more traffic, more pollution, and climate change that worsens faster than ever.

To prevent this kind of post-lockdown future, we should all be acting responsibly. Staying safe and stopping the spread of the virus is a priority, but we must be mindful of our environmental impact and pro-actively make efforts to reduce this, where possible.

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