1. About us

About KINTO Mobility

We create inclusive mobility solutions - simple, flexible and for everyone!

KINTO Mobility

KINTO Mobility was created to make it easy to explore our cities and get from A to B - anytime, anywhere, and for everyone.

That's why we've developed simple and smart mobility solutions that can be used by the community when needed.

Our solutions cater to both businesses and individuals who need a hassle-free and straightforward way to get around. . 

Our vision

We aim to be the preferred service provider for any mobility needs by offering solutions that are accessible to everyone.

Who are we?

KINTO Mobility was founded in 2019, supported by one of the world's largest car brands, Toyota.

With modern and spacious Toyota Hybrid models parked in fixed locations throughout cities in Denmark, it became possible for city residents to share the cars and choose ridesharing with their colleagues - to reduce traffic and congestion and create flexible solutions for daily travel and errands.

Since then, we have expanded our presence, where we have also introduced a bike-sharing service in Copenhagen.

Our mobility solutions

KINTO Share cars

KINTO Share has a network of sharing cars available in the largest Danish cities. All cars are modern Toyota Hybrid models and are in fixed parking spots, from where they can be easily booked for both shorter and longer trips.

KINTO Share bikes

In Copenhagen you find KINTO Share bikes available for city residents, tourists, and anyone in need.


KINTO Join offers colleagues who are connected to each other via the KINTO Join app the ability to easily plan rides together.