1. KINTO Share


Your car sharing service that always keeps you mobile.

With KINTO Share you are always mobile. Whether it's just for an hour, for a whole day, or even for the entire weekend - you decide when and for how long you need a car. All you need is your smartphone and the KINTO Share app. Just unlock the car with the app and you're ready to go! As soon as you are done with the ride, park the car back at the station where you started. And that's the end of the booking.

KINTO Share is that simple. 


Your advantages with KINTO Share

KINTO Share makes you mobile - spontaneous, reliable and flexible.

You only pay for a vehicle when you need it. Doesn't just sound simple, it is. And even more: If you had your own car, you would pay for it even when you are not using it (tax, insurance, maintenance, depreciation). With KINTO Share you have an all-inclusive price per minute or per day. So, you know what you will pay in the end before you start your journey.

Station-based car sharing

Station-based car sharing means that stations are provided especially for the car sharing service.

This means that you can simply return the booked vehicle to the respective station. Your advantages: You always have the certainty that the vehicles are exactly where you expect them to be. So, you can rely on the location. In addition, you save the unnecessary time of looking for a parking space at the end of the booking.

This is how you can start with KINTO Share:

  • 1. Download the App

    Our KINTO Share app will soon be available for Android™ and iOS™. You can easily find it in the Google Play Store™ and the Apple App Store™. Download the app and you're ready to go.

  • 2. Register

    Open the app on your smartphone and create your personal account. Click on "Login/Register" above the menu on the left. For the registration you have to upload a picture of your driver's license and your ID card.

  • 3. Start your trip!

    And you can book your first ride right away. Simply choose your vehicle, unlock it via the app and you're ready to go. No hassle of parking, no waiting - it's all digital.