1. about-us


At KINTO, we believe that tomorrow's mobility must be more respectful of the environment and better adapted to individual needs. We are therefore committed to offering responsible mobility solutions to contribute to a more sustainable future.

A little bit about us

Born in 2019, our culture is a little unique because we’re a start-up backed by the largest automotive brand in the world – Toyota. We’re a diverse yet driven group of people of all ages and origins, cultures and ideals.

Our Vision - To be the preferred service provider for each mobility need by providing a one-stop-shop mobility solutions to all our customers.

Our Values

  • Simplicity & Effortlessness – We aim at creating an eco-system for our customers to offer a seamless digital experience where everything is one click away.
  • Inclusivity - We want to provide a reliable experience for all needs and abilities – across all types of journeys.
  • Sustainability - We believe that minimizing the impact on the environment is essential for our future.

KINTO's vision

At KINTO, we aim to become the preferred mobility partner for professionals. We are determined to make a positive contribution to driving change within companies, helping them to achieve their own mobility objectives as part of their CSR policy.

At KINTO, we are committed to continuously improving our mobility solutions by adapting to each situation and identifying the needs of each customer.

KINTO's mission

At KINTO, our mission is to offer a turnkey, flexible and cost-effective mobility solution that suits all types of customer. We encourage a logic of use rather than ownership to meet the new mobility needs of professionals.

For companies, we offer customized services to improve vehicle fleet management. We offer mobility solutions such as long-term rental, car-sharing and car-pooling. These enable companies to reduce parking congestion, optimize the use of company cars and ensure daily monitoring.