1. KINTO One


Simplify your company’s mobility by choosing our full-service leasing KINTO ONE


Enjoy the benefits of electric driving ! 

Benefit from excellent electrical performance and 100% tax deductibility, while considerably reducing your company's carbon footprint and improving your brand image? Nothing could be simpler with electric driving, which the self-employed, fleet managers and business leaders are adopting overwhelmingly.

The benefits of KINTO One

KINTO One makes your company’s mobility easy. 

  • Wide range of vehicles

    Choose from a wide range of vehicles and pick your colour, desired options etc, directly at your dealer.

  • Full budget control

    Choose the contract that best suits your needs. Decide on the duration, the number of km’s and the desired extra services (winter tires, replacement car, fuel card, etc.). Moreover, insurance, taxes, maintenance costs etc; are included in the monthly payment. No surprises!

  • Personal service & advice

    Your dealer guides you through the entire process, from the choice of the vehicle and delivery to the return at the end of the contract. 

Why choose KINTO One?

  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Includes insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc.
  • Full budget control
  • A wide selection of electrified cars
  • One stop shopping experience
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Optional services such as fuel card, winter tires, replacement car, etc. 

Included services

Periodic maintenance, as recommended by the dealership, is included in the monthly fee. 

All vehicles are equipped with summer tires, you can add winter tires as an option to your contract.

Enjoy assistance 24/7, call +32 (0)2 773 61 82.

All road – and registration taxes are included in the monthly fee. 

An omnium insurance for all vehicles is included in the monthly fee.

Extra services

Add winter tires to your contract, so will always be safe on the road, no matter if it gets colder and/or wetter. 

Enjoy a replacement car in case of a breakdown, an accident or theft, or when the car is stationary for longer than 24h. 

Enjoy a full card in Belgium and abroad.


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KINTO One is KINTO's full-service leasing offer. Leasing is a type of rental contract where you do not own the vehicle, but finance it over a long period (between 12 and 60 months). You decide beforehand on the mileage according to your needs. With KINTO One you benefit from a complete service where the costs of periodic maintenance, omnium insurance, taxes and assistance are included in a fixed monthly payment. Without surprise!

Do you want to change vehicles regularly? Do you want full transparency on the costs associated with your car? Don't want to worry about insurance, maintenance, etc.? Then KINTO One is really the solution for you. For a fixed monthly amount we take care of the management of your file, the maintenance and the insurance of your vehicle so that you do not have to worry.

Leasing is also good for your business as it has accounting benefits. Leasing costs are recorded as operating expenses and are therefore included in the general costs of your company, which greatly facilitates your accounting and administration. You therefore do not need to subscribe to other services afterwards (insurance, maintenance, etc.). Everything is included in the same fixed monthly payment.

With a wide range of Toyota & Lexus vehicles, combine business with pleasure by choosing the model best suited to your needs. Your dealer is available to help you find the vehicle that best suits your needs. Contact your nearest dealer!

At the end of the contract, if the kilometers traveled exceed the contractual kilometers, the total value of the payment for the kilometers will be calculated according to the pricing for the additional kilometers set in the contract.

The monthly installment is influenced by the model and version chosen, as well as the duration of the contract, the number of kilometers and the options and additional services chosen. Contact your dealer who will make you a tailor-made offer.

It is possible to terminate your contract early, subject to payment of the corresponding amount. To do this, you must contact customer service at the following email address: contact.one@kinto-mobility.be, who will inform you of the procedure to follow to carry out this termination.

  • First, stay calm! 
  • Make sure everyone involved is safe. If possible, pull the vehicle off the road and call the police. In case of physical injuries, call 112. 
  • Complete as correctly as possible the European accident form that you will find in the glove box of the car. 
  • Gather evidence (photos of the accident) 
  • Contact our breakdown assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on +32 (0) 2 773 61 82