1. KINTO Join


Revolutionize the way your employees commute

Almost 3 out of 4 workers come to the office in single-occupancy vehicles, spending up to 166 hours per year in traffic and over 40 hours looking for a parking space.

  • What does this mean for companies?

    • Less productivity and efficiency
    • Negative environmental impact
    • High parking space rental and maintenance costs
  • What does this mean for employees?

    • Higher consumption and costs
    • Lost time looking for a parking space
    • Stress and arriving at work late

How can you make home-work trip smarter?

There's an advantageous solution for companies and employees. Share home-work trips with work colleagues: company carpooling.

The advantages of carpooling

  • Sustainability

    It improves the impact on the environment and helps the Mobility Manager when drawing up the Coordination and Safety Plan

  • Efficiency

    It increases efficiency and optimises travel costs

  • Reputation

    It improves your reputation in terms of company social responsibility and branding

  • Community

    It promotes networking and a sense of belonging, thus improving the work environment

  • Sustainability

    It contributes towards environmental sustainability and means less private vehicle maintenance
  • Efficiency

    Lower fuel and parking costs. It saves time and increases productivity
  • Reputation

    It reduces the stress of looking for a parking space. No more arriving at work late!
  • Community

    It promotes networking and broadens access to company welfare

How does KINTO Join work?

The App enables and tracks sustainable home-work journeys.

The dashboard allows your company to monitor the use of the App and the environmental results.




Monitor results in real time

  • Certified emissions data
  • Advanced reporting on parking space usage and trips completed
  • Statistics about total and active users
  • Ranking of the biggest users of the service





Communicate with all your employees

  • Chat with users
  • Share information
  • Offer support to your colleagues

One App, infinite functions.

KINTO Join App is easy and intuitive to use, and we look after the company configuration. 
Available for iOS and Android.


    Match with colleagues

    The App shows colleagues willing to share  the trip based on the route, times and habits.




    Integrated messaging

    Organize your carpooling trip directly with the KINTO Join chat.




    Travel certification

    Thanks to the patented technology, the App verifies the actual sharing of the trip and calculates the environmental benefits. 


    Incentive system

    KINTO Join helps the company  to encourage the use of the App by connecting it to a specific welfare plan.




    The exclusive benefits of

    KINTO Join

  • Advice from
    the KINTO team

    Activate personalized communication and incentive programs, with the aim of achieving concrete environmental objectives.
  • KINTO ecosystem

    KINTO Join can be integrated with other KINTO services for 360 ° corporate mobility.
  • Not just carpooling

    The App tracks home-work trips on foot and by bicycle, and certifies their environmental impact.

Take some time to discover KINTO Join.


The new generation
of mobility.

KINTO Join is one of the main mobility services within the
KINTO ecosystem, born from the vision of the Toyota Group.