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Revolutionise the way your employees commute

KINTO Join is a commuting app that helps businesses meet their sustainability goals, resolve parking issues and improve commuters' experience

What is KINTO Join?

Take part in the sustainable travel revolution

KINTO Join is a corporate commuting solution that revolutionises the way a company’s employees travel to work. Our unique technology connects employees sharing the same route to work, and verifies active (walking and cycling) and shared (carpooling) journeys in real-time, allowing employers to offer sustainable commuters built-in incentives, such as priority parking spaces, gift vouchers, etc. 

Importantly, it helps to reduce a company’s CO2 footprint and car park demands, and makes reporting positive environmental impact easy.

Benefits of KINTO Join 

Join the rapidly-growing list of companies already resolving a myriad of business challenges with KINTO Join, the leading employee commuting solution


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets are becoming increasingly important to businesses and consumers. Help your company reduce its environmental footprint by reducing the number of people driving to work.

Parking congestion

Incentivising employees to walk, cycle or carpool to work reduces the number of single occupancy cars coming to your workplace daily, allowing you to resolve parking and traffic congestion challenges.

Employee satisfaction

Offering alternative commuting options and a simple cost sharing system gives your employees an extra reason to stay with your business. It helps you attract new staff and even allows you to hire from further afield.

We are passionate about your success because we believe that by transforming the way people commute, together we transform the planet.

Why choose us as your sustainable commuting partner?

We provide dedicated support service at all levels – client and employee – before, during and after the scheme implementation.

The success of sustainable travel schemes is determined by the employee uptake. To help you get results, we offer consultancy services, provide you with employee engagement material and proactively work with end users – your employees – to get them successfully using the app.

Full mobility solution

KINTO Join is more than another journey sharing app. We are a full mobility service, which includes dedicated support to insure your employees are actively engaged in the programme.


From unique matching and verifying technology to seamless reward administration, KINTO Join has everything you need to transform the way your employees commute.

Safe & secure

We ensure you have complete control of who can join your sustainable travel community. By providing a safe and secure environment, you will increase employee uptake.

Easy to use

Our platform is feature-rich and incredibly user friendly. This guarantees an excellent user experience and an immediate, measurable reduction of travel emissions.

KINTO Join is an award-winning commuting technology, already trusted by companies that embrace sustainability


Get started ‑ it's easy

  1. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and how our platform can help
  2. Receive an online demonstration of our verification technology and see how the platform works in practice
  3. We can create a secure community for your workplace and help you to promote the benefits to employees
  4. Use our unique reporting dashboard to track, measure, highlight and demonstrate your savings – number of cars off the road, active journeys, CO2 savings and much more…