1. About us | KINTO


We believe in taking the trouble out of travel so that exploring the city is less of a challenge and more a celebration of effortless movement. In fact, we’re paving the way for Toyota to transition from an automotive company into a mobility one. So that getting from A to B is easy and effortless for everyone.

A little bit about us

Born in 2019, our culture is a little unique because we’re a start-up backed by the largest automotive brand in the world – Toyota. We’re a diverse yet driven group of people of all ages and origins, cultures and ideals.

Our Vision - To be the preferred service provider for each mobility need by providing a one-stop-shop mobility solutions to all our customers.

Our Values

  • Simplicity & Effortlessness – We aim at creating an eco-system for our customers to offer a seamless digital experience where everything is one click away.
  • Inclusivity - We want to provide a reliable experience for all needs and abilities – across all types of journeys.
  • Sustainability - We believe that minimizing the impact on the environment is essential for our future.

Our Spirit

We want to be mobile without being tied down to anything and we want to be flexible without giving up anything.

In order to help our customers move seamlessly and smartly around town, we’re driven by our all-inclusive model which aims to make travel time valuable. We have created an ecosystem that only requires you to decide where and when to go. You can leave the rest to us. Thanks to our app everything is one click away.

This type of spirit guides all our decisions, sometimes we react because we have to. But mostly we act because we want to. Because we only take the status quo as a point of reference; as a launch pad for something better. Something more sustainable. Something more convenient. Something more meaningful. Something more convincing.

Where we’re going

We’re growing quickly and we’re not stopping anytime soon.


Our success is possible through the combination of the strengths of different Toyota enterprises, including our own Toyota Financial Services and our own insurance company, Toyota Insurance Services, and our technological partner Toyota Connected Europe.

Powered by dreams and desires, we’re already working across several European markets and we’ve got plans to keep expanding. Why? Because we want to bring you the latest innovative mobility services across as many people as we can.

We see ourselves as part of larger mobility ecosystems where no matter where you’re going: your mode or method – we’ll help get you there. With our unique 2500 retailers all over Europe, we’re ready to partner with cities and other brands to deliver true value in the mobility space.

KINTO aims to keep going so you can too. We know we can get there. So if you’re along for the journey, let’s explore new terrains together. Let’s create a better, kinder world together. One that doesn’t cost the earth but supplements society instead.


Jobs | KINTO

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