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In the UK, at the heart of our mobility offering is KINTO UK Limited. Launched in 2020, KINTO UK Limited brings together all our fleet and mobility offerings under one roof. 

Based in Portsmouth, KINTO UK limited is the legal entity which enables us to do business in the UK market.

KINTO UK Limited currently provides the following services:


Who are we?

We are a participated company of KINTO Europe and Toyota Caetano Portugal, S.A., and we see a world where mobility is for everyone.

Over the past 28 years we have had the pleasure of working with all type of clients, allowing us to grow and seek more and better mobility solutions to fulfill each need.

With more than 100 employees, we aim to contribute to the complete mobility of people, in total comfort, through a wide range of innovative and customizable solutions, tailored to respond to the challenges of each person's private and professional life, taking into account a true respect for the specifics of modern life.

Our focus? Integrated mobility!

Always be one step ahead in innovative and integrated mobility solutions.

Thousands of kilometers of experience

A professional and dedicated team of over 100 employees managing more than 18.000 vehicles.

Guaranteed quality services

Always thinking about our clients, offering multiple services such as 24/7 Driver support, maintenance, tires, car replacement, insurance, complaints management, traffic & fine management, tax management, fuel card, or rent-a-car, for example.


KINTO Join Ltd.

KINTO Join Ltd is a software company delivering digital mobility solutions and services. We combine our customer-centric approach and tech capabilities to deliver products that are clever, simple to use, kind to the environment and inspired by people’s day-to-day mobility challenges.

We’ve started out as a provider of KINTO Join, a corporate carpooling app. However, we quickly realized that to fully support the digital transformation of mobility, we need to go beyond one-size-fits-all product development and focus on developing modular solutions that can be easily adapted to meet markets’ diverse mobility needs. Thanks to this modular and scalable approach that we took in developing KINTO Join and KINTO Ride, we now have 100s of reusable design components that can be combined to ensure JIT delivery of a variety of mobility solutions.

KINTO Protect

Life and the mobility that comes with it are variously exciting. But in order to be able to travel with a safely, it is important to have a safety net that catches you when needed.

With KINTO Protect, you not only comply with the insurance obligation in Germany, but also have a reliable insurance partner at your side. In case of damage you will receive the benefits of the fully comprehensive insurance, which includes all benefits of the partial cover (e.g.: Theft, natural hazards, animal bite and collision, glass breakage, fire). In addition, damage to the vehicle due to a self-inflicted accident as well as vandalism are insured. So nothing stands in the way of carefree mobility.