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Welcome to KINTO. We’re an all-new brand that’s dedicated to offering mobility services to individuals, businesses and cities across Europe. We believe everyone should have the freedom to move. That’s why we offer one seamless mobility solution that’s kind to the environment, and which everyone can rely on, whatever way they choose to move. 

From corporate carpooling to flexible car subscriptions, self-service car sharing to a multi-mobility app, KINTO provides a range of transport services and payment systems, for all needs and abilities, that are effortless to use. KINTO’s origins lie in the word Kinto-un – Japanese for ‘flying nimbus’ – a service that quickly appears and, no matter where you are or what time it is, takes you wherever you wish to go. Just like magic.

» This is just the beginning of something big! »

For me working at KINTO is a very exciting and unqiue opportunity – it is not everyday you are given a chance to introduce, grow and build a completely new mobility brand from the ground up. And above all, I am very happy and proud to be a part of a team with like-minded people, that encourage creativity, courage and collaboration to bring our mobility vision to life.

Lara Sustar-Smid, KINTO Brand and Marketing Specialist




The KINTO Team

Alexandre Robin

Mobility Specialist
"KINTO is a fantastic opportunity to address people, corporates and cities’ mobility needs. The team is constantly relying on its diversity of profiles to make sure all aspects are considered to better execute the vision and its projects: I feel lucky and motivated to work within this ecosystem."

Anabela Coelho

Marketing Director, KINTO PT

"KINTO gives me the privilege and freedom to combine strategy, creativity and data in ambitious projects that will certainly change the way we look at mobility in the future. Challenging projects, a dynamic team and a healthy environment is everything anyone can ever ask for."

Héctor Gómez

Data Analyst & Reporting, KINTO ES
"Working at KINTO is exciting, in this company is possible to grow from not just professional but personal perspective. At KINTO we are committed to become an universal mobility service provider, working on challenging projects where the environment is constantly changing and surrounded by the best team. Such a motivation makes me keep learning while developing myself within this company."

Avelino Villa

IT Business Analyst, KINTO ES

"Working for KINTO is an amazing experience and a unique opportunity to grow professionally and personally, always surrounded by a great team. I am delighted to participate in very interesting and challenging projects, which brings me the chance to learn something new every day."

Sophie Cassart

Marketing Specialist & KINTO Brand Leader
"Working for KINTO is being part of a dynamic & fast-changing industry! There are a lot of challenges & opportunities and it’s very exciting to grow and build a new mobility brand from ground up! And it’s even more exciting than launching KINTO on the Belgian market since it allows me to push my limits even further ! They give you the opportunity learn something new every day and to develop yourself even more."

Josefine Briks Ottesen

Assistant KINTO

"KINTO is mobility in a new way which makes it very exciting working in an evolving industry. There are a lot of opportunities to develop, shape and ensure the future mobility."

Clément Pineau

Digital Specialist
"To me, working for KINTO is a unique opportunity to evolve in a very fast-paced industry. The Mobility world is constantly changing and bringing out new challenges which is quite exciting. In addition, the start-up size of KINTO allows us to take-on projects from start to finish, and add our piece to the puzzle."