1. kinto-fleet-management-portal


Make use of the KINTO Fleet Management Portal to easily monitor your whole fleet and keep track of everything that needs your attention.


The self-service platform helps to manage your KINTO leasing contracts easily and efficiently, allowing customers focus on their business. 


Conveniently renew your KINTO leasing contract or request adjust- ments based on terms or usage. 


You can access the KINTO Fleet Management Portal via Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone – whatever suits you best.

Managing your fleet will become effortless and efficient

  • In the KINTO Fleet Management Portal you can see all relevant information on your fleet including lease contract details and documentation, insurance details, invoices, customer reporting and manage assigned vehicle drivers.

    The KINTO Fleet Management Portal generates tasks on and communicates to the fleet manager a list of contact items that require their attention. Is a vehicle due for service? Needs a contract been renewed? Does the milage require adjust- ment as cars are over or under utilized? The task list will proactively remind fleet managers.

    When it comes towards the end of a leasing contract, a task is created for the customer to let KINTO know what you would like to do. Via the portal custo- mers easily send a request to KINTO with details about your intention on contract extension or renewal.