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KINTO EcoInsights

KINTO EcoInsights is a sustainability option utilising Toyota connected data available for customers to select in the KINTO Fleet Management Portal.

It empowers fleet managers to gain power- ful insights on their overall fleet driving efficiency whilst providing usable mecha- nics to improve driver performance.

Fleet managers can measure critical environmental metrics including energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, and WLTP Perfor- mance to proactively manage drivers towards company sustainability targets. 

KINTO EcoInsights supports all Toyota drive trains including Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell. The data will be consolidated from all vehicle types into powerful dashboards. 


  • Accessible to Drivers via KINTO EcoDriver Fleet and individual vehicle trip mission data
  • and driving behavior, per vehicle, per driver, and combined for the fleet
  • Driver EcoScore and safe driving performance analysis
  • Comprehensive fleet CO2 emissions reporting including detailed driver and vehicle reports for download