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Is prior reservation required?
No prior reservation is required to use micro mobility in the Paralympic Village. However, you have an opportunity to reserve your vehicle 15 minutes prior to your ride from the mobile app, which will give you enough time to reach the vehicle. Alternatively, you can just scan the QR code via the KINTO app on the closest vehicle and start your ride immediately.
What if I cancel my reservation?
If you reserved the vehicle via the app and changed your mind, you can cancel a reservation without any penalty. The device will be “unblocked” on the map and can be booked by others.
What if I reserved the vehicle but didn’t manage to reach it within 15 minutes?
Your reservation will be released, and the vehicle will be available for other Village residents. If nobody booked this vehicle yet, you can start your ride directly from the station by scanning the QR code on the device via the mobile app. Alternatively, search for another vehicle close to you.
I can’t see Yosh-E in the App. Why?
If you are a manual wheelchair user and your NPC allocated a Yosh-E quota to you, the vehicles will be visible in the app to you only after the bracket is installed on your wheelchair.
The vehicle in front of me is not on the app map. Why?
Due to maintenance reasons or low battery level, some vehicles might be out of service and not appear on the mobile app. Also, maybe someone already reserved this vehicle and is on their way to pick it up. In this case, please select another device.
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