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How can I find a vehicle?

There are two ways to find a vehicle:

1. Open the mobile app and check the map to see where all the available vehicles are located. Reserve the most convenient one directly. You’ll have 15 minutes to reach the vehicle and start your ride.

2. Go to the nearest KINTO Station and scan the QR code on one of the available vehicles parked there to start your ride directly.

How can I unlock the vehicle and start riding?
The vehicle can be unlocked by clicking on Start Trip on the mobile app. It is important to do this action only when in proximity of the vehicle, especially if reserved 15 minutes prior to its use.
Can I put my trip on hold?
If you need to take a break during your trip, it is possible to pause your ride without ending the reservation simply by clicking Pause Trip on the app. Be sure to park your vehicle correctly without creating an obstacle for pedestrians or transport.
Can I ride everywhere inside the Paralympic Village?
You can only ride in the designated walking areas inside the Paralympic Village. Avoid riding off-road, on the grass, gravel, and rough terrains. Follow the signage in the Village.
How long can I use a vehicle for?
You can ride for 1 hour maximum at a time. This time should give you enough flexibility to get around the Village and guarantee fair use of the service by all athletes.
Where can I drop the vehicle by the end of my trip?
It is important to always return the vehicle to one of the dedicated KINTO stations at the end of each trip. This helps us keep the Paralympic Village a safe and organised place and allows our team to take care of the vehicles.
How can I end the trip?
To end the trip, return to one of the 6 KINTO stations and park the vehicle. Open the mobile app and click End Trip. The app will require 4 photographs of the device to verify its conditions, then close the app, and you’re free to go!
What are the opening hours of the service?
The service will be available 24 hours per day. This might change based on external factors (e.g. weather conditions).
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