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First ride for free

Get your first ride for free - one unlock and up to 30 minutes of riding. Add the code "TRYME" i the app under Payments and discounts. Enjoy!

Always a bike within reach

Explore the city or get from A to B quickly with our bikes available for rent throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

Never without a bike – your ride is just around the corner.

How it works

Become a free member of KINTO Share and enjoy unlimited access to our electric bikes. Rent a bike anytime and only pay for the time you ride.

1. Get the KINTO Share app

Download the KINTO Share Bike app and sign up for free.

2. Find a bike on the map

Open the app and see where the nearest KINTO bike is parked.

3. Unlock the bike

Once you've selected one of our bikes, you can unlock it with the app by scanning the QR code located on the bike's handlebars.

4. Park the bike

When your bike ride is over, you can park it in a public bike rack and end your trip in the app.

KINTO Share bikes - Good for you and our city

Better city living

A KINTO Share bike is a great alternative to cars in the city. Be part of creating a city with better air quality and less traffic.

Get there faster

Avoid traffic jams and get to your destination quickly on a bike. Renting and returning a bike is easy.

A bike for everyone

All the bikes provided by KINTO Share are electric, so you'll have a comfortable ride no matter if you're facing headwinds or long distances.

Fresh air and exercise

Riding a bike isn't just good for the environment, it's also good for your body - even an electric bike provides great exercise.

Explore Copenhagen by bike

One of the best ways to get around the city is on a bike. 

KINTO Share has a network of electric bikes and shared cars available for rent, making for an easy and comfortable ride. 

Learn more about KINTO Share and our bikes.