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Rent an electric bike with KINTO Share

With KINTO Share, you can rent a modern electric bike whenever you need it

First ride for free

Get your first ride for free - one unlock and up to 30 minutes of riding. Add the code "TRYME" i the app under Payments and discounts. Enjoy!

Explore the city with ease

KINTO Share offers a bike sharing service that allows you to rent a modern electric bike, which can quickly get you from A to B or let you explore the city on two wheels.

Right now, KINTO's bikes are available in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, where we've made over 600 bikes available for anyone who needs a bike - often or occasionally.

How it works

To rent one of our bikes, simply download the KINTO Share app and register as a user. It's free to become a member, and you only pay while using one of the bikes.

In the app, you can see where the nearest electric bike is parked on a map, and you can easily unlock the bike using a QR code located on the handlebars.

1. Find a bike close to you

Open the KINTO Share app and find a bike close to you in the city map.

2. Enter your destination

If you know your destination, you can enter it so that you're sure the electric bike has enough power for the entire trip.

You can easily change your address along the way.

3. Unlock the bike with the QR code

When you've found a bike, you want to rent, unlock it through the app. Simply scan the QR code located on the bike's handlebars.

4. Park the bike when the ride is over

When you no longer need the bike, park it in a public bike rack and end your trip in the app.

Why rent a bike with KINTO Share?

It should be easy to find a bike for spontaneous trips around the city or to get somewhere quickly.

We've created a large network of bikes available for rent, so you always have a bike available when you need it.

Benefits of renting with KINTO Share bike rental:

  • Pay only for the time you use the bike.
  • Avoid expenses for repairs and service.
  • Enjoy the help from the electric motor, which provides a comfortable ride regardless of the weather.
  • Save money by renting the bike for a weekend or by purchasing a subscription.
  • Rent fully equipped bikes with front and rear lights, mobile holder, adjustable saddle, bell, and basket.


Prices for bike rental

If you rent a bike with KINTO Share, you can choose to pay per trip or one of our subscriptions, which give you prepaid minutes at a cheaper rate.

When paying per trip, there is a small starting fee and a fixed minute price.

If you need a bike often or for a weekend trip to Copenhagen, you can get a discount on the price by purchasing a weekend pass or a monthly subscription.