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Flexible solution that fits your needs

First ride for free

Get your first ride for free - one unlock and up to 30 minutes of riding. Add the code "TRYME" i the app under Payments and discounts. Enjoy!

A solution for all needs

KINTO Share offers an affordable and easy bike solution for every need. From a single ride, a weekend of exploration or for everyday use.

  • Pay as you go

    Pay a starting fee and a fixed minute price while using the bike.

    Price: 2.55 DKK/min
    + 10 DKK starting fee.
  • 72H Pass

    Rent a bike for a weekend (72 hours), where you get 120 minutes of cycling with a discount.

    Price: 119 DKK excl.
    +10 DKK per start-up.
  • Commuter

    Subscribe and avoid the starting fee. Pay only for the time you ride.

    Price: 59 DKK/month
    + 2.60 DKK/min.
  • Student Pass

    Get a student subscription, avoid the starting fee, and get 10 hours of cycling every month.

    Price: 199 DKK/month.
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed and can be canceled at any time from the app. If you cancel your subscription during the month/year, the subscription will still be effective until the end of the period. The subscriptions  have a minimum period of one (1) month.
  • By the start of a new billing period, any minutes or unlocking fees are reset, meaning these cannot be transferred from one month to the next.
  • KINTO may change subscriptions (e.g. price or services) but will notice users about these changes 30 days in advance. KINTO can terminate subscriptions at any time.

Pay as you ride

If you occasionally need a bike or just need to get from A to B once, you can choose to rent a bike for a small starting fee and a fixed minute price. 

With this solution, you don't have credit, but only pay when you rent one of KINTO Share 's bikes. 

If you use a bike regularly, it may be advantageous to subscribe and get discounts on your trips.

Subscription for commuters

If you use a rented bike regularly or daily, you can choose to get a subscription for a fixed monthly price of 59 DKK instead.

With a subscription, you only pay for the time you use the bike, and you get unlimited free unlocks.

Just get on the nearest KINTO Share bike, unlock it, and use it as much as you need.

Student subscription

If you're a student, you can get a special subscription where you'll have 10 hours of free cycling every month for only 199 DKK, without any start-up fees.

With this solution, you can easily hop on the nearest KINTO Share bike and cycle up to 20 minutes daily at a fixed price. Use one of our shared bikes however you like - whether it's commuting to and from school or exploring the city with your friends.

Weekend trip or vacation in Copenhagen

As a tourist, you can also become a part of the city's cycling culture and experience it on two wheels.

The ideal solution for you would be to purchase a weekend pass, where you'll get 120 minutes of discounted cycling. Simply pay the start-up fee and enjoy your many minutes on your KINTO shared bike.

Do you want to know more about our shared bikes?

KINTO Share has a network of electric shared bikes parked throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

In the KINTO Share app you can easily book your next bike ride and explore the city hassle-free.