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Bike sharing made easy!

KINTO Share gives you access to a large network of shared bikes located throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Rent your bike for both short and long trips or when exploring the city on a weekend ge

First ride for free

Get your first ride for free - one unlock and up to 30 minutes of riding. Add the code "TRYME" i the app under Payments and discounts. Enjoy!

Rent a bike with only your phone

With the KINTO Share Bike app, your next bike is just a few clicks away.

The app gives you access to a bike whenever you need it. Find a bike near you on the map, unlock the bike with a QR code, and enjoy the freedom of having a bike available anytime you want.

How it works

  • 1

    Get the KINTO Share Bike app and sign up for free.


    Find a bike near you using the map in the app.


    Unlock the bike with a QR code located on the bike's handlebars.


    Park the bike at a public bike rack and end your ride in the app.

Our pricing

KINTO Share's pricing for our shared bikes is flexible and tailored to fit your needs. We offer a variety of options for daily commuters, students, and tourists who want to explore Copenhagen's cycling culture. 
  • Pay as you go

    Pay a starting fee and a fixed minute price while using the bike.

    Price: 2.55 DKK/min
    + 10 DKK starting fee.
  • 72H Pass

    Rent a bike for a weekend (72 hours), where you get 120 minutes of cycling with a discount.

    Price: 119 DKK excl.
    +10 DKK per start-up.
  • Commuter

    Subscribe and avoid the starting fee. Pay only for the time you ride.

    Price: 59 DKK/month
    + 2.60 DKK/min.
  • Student Pass

    Get a student subscription, avoid the starting fee, and get 10 hours of cycling every month.

    Price: 199 DKK/month.
  • Subscriptions are automatically renewed and can be canceled at any time from the app. If you cancel your subscription during the month/year, the subscription will still be effective until the end of the period. The subscriptions  have a minimum period of one (1) month.
  • By the start of a new billing period, any minutes or unlocking fees are reset, meaning these cannot be transferred from one month to the next.
  • KINTO may change subscriptions (e.g. price or services) but will notice users about these changes 30 days in advance. KINTO can terminate subscriptions at any time.

Fully equipped electric bikes

All KINTO Share bikes are electric and can reach speeds of up to 25 km/h. With the help of a torque sensor on the pedals, you'll get progressive assistance from the electric motor, making for a comfortable ride regardless of hills or headwinds.

Additionally, all KINTO Share bikes come equipped with:

  • A practical and spacious basket at the handlebars
  • Efficient front and rear lights
  • A bell
  • A sturdy mobile phone holder
  • An adjustable saddle that can be easily adjusted to your height.

Join the Danish cycling culture

Join KINTO Share today and easily rent your first bike through our app.

Take part in the city's cycling culture - whether it's for short and spontaneous trips or a full day of exploration.