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Where to eat in Copenhagen

Explore the culinary scene by bike

Fuel Your Copenhagen Bike Adventure

Exploring Copenhagen on two wheels is sure to work up an appetite! But don't worry, this city is a foodie's paradise, with delicious eats tucked away down charming streets and along scenic bike paths. Here's your guide to fueling your Copenhagen bike adventure.

Start Your Day the Danish Way

Start your day like a true Copenhagener by treating yourself to the city's celebrated bakery culture. Bike to one of the countless charming bakeries that grace nearly every street corner and let the aroma of freshly baked bread and sweet pastries envelop you.

  • The Perfect Pair

    For a classic Danish experience, indulge in a "wienerbrød" – a traditional Danish pastry. These delicate creations come in a delightful array of shapes and flavors, from cinnamon swirls to custard-filled delights.

    Pair your pastry with a cup of coffee, a beloved Danish ritual, and savor the moment as you watch the city come alive.

  • The BMO Breakfast Ritual

    If you're seeking a more substantial start to your day, opt for a "bolle med ost" (BMO) – a simple yet satisfying Danish classic.

    This beloved treat features a freshly baked bread bun, generously slathered with butter and topped with cheese.

    Imagine biting into a soft, slightly sweet bun, the creamy butter melting into the tangy cheese – it's pure comfort food heaven!

Whether you're tempted by the sweet allure of a Danish pastry or the savory satisfaction of a BMO, a visit to a Copenhagen bakery is the perfect way to kickstart your day of exploration. Fuel up like a local and get ready to discover the magic of Copenhagen!


Lunchtime Pit Stops

As you work up an appetite exploring Copenhagen by bike, you'll find a wealth of lunchtime options beckoning you. Here are two favorites that perfectly blend delicious food with a taste of Copenhagen's vibrant atmosphere:

  • Reffen: Where Street Food Dreams Come True

    Hop back on your bike and head towards Refshaleøen, a former industrial area now transformed into a creative hub. Here, you'll discover Reffen, Copenhagen's renowned street food market.

    A medley of flavors awaits, with vendors offering everything from juicy burgers and crispy fries to innovative vegetarian dishes and exotic Asian cuisine. Find a spot by the water's edge, soak up the lively atmosphere, and enjoy a delicious lunch with a side of stunning harbor views.

  • Torvehallerne Market: A Sensory Symphony

    For a taste of Copenhagen's culinary diversity, pedal over to Torvehallerne Market, a bustling indoor food market housed in two historic glass pavilions. Your senses will be tantalized by the sights, sounds, and aromas of fresh produce, artisan cheeses, freshly baked bread, and tempting treats.

    Grab a gourmet open-faced sandwich, savor fresh seafood, or sample local delicacies – the choices are endless! Torvehallerne is the perfect place to refuel and experience the heart of Copenhagen's food scene.

Dine at Copenhagen’s Trendy Culinary Heartbeat

As dusk settles over Copenhagen, the city's culinary scene transforms, inviting you to savor the flavors of a memorable evening meal.

For a taste of Copenhagen's trendy and innovative side, hop on your bike and head towards Kødbyen, the city's former meatpacking district. Once a hub of industrial activity, Kødbyen has been reimagined as a vibrant culinary destination, with former slaughterhouses now housing a diverse array of restaurants, bars, and art galleries.

Choose from intimate wine bars, bustling gastropubs, or sleek modern eateries, each offering their own unique take on Danish and international cuisine. The air buzzes with a creative energy as locals and visitors gather to enjoy delicious food, craft cocktails, and the vibrant atmosphere of this ever-evolving neighborhood.

  • Pedal & Pint: Discover Copenhagen's Craft Beer Scene by Bike

    Copenhagen's craft beer scene is booming, and what better way to explore it than by bike? Hop on two wheels and discover a world of hoppy delights, from industrial-chic brewpubs housed in former factories to cozy neighborhood bars tucked away down charming side streets.

    Sample innovative brews, chat with passionate brewers, and experience the unique flavors that are putting Copenhagen on the craft beer map.

    Whether you're a seasoned hop head or just starting to explore the world of craft beer, Copenhagen's breweries offer a refreshing adventure for every taste.

Food Gems Beyond the City Center

Copenhagen's gastronomic scene extends far beyond the city center, inviting you to embark on a two-wheeled adventure through its diverse neighborhoods.

Hop on a bike and discover hidden gems tucked away down charming side streets, from family-run bakeries in Vesterbro to cozy cafes in Nørrebro and innovative restaurants in Christianshavn.

Each neighborhood boasts its own unique character and flavors, offering a delicious reflection of Copenhagen's vibrant culinary tapestry. So, grab a map, choose your culinary course, and get ready to taste the city one delicious stop at a time.


Pedal to Foodie Paradise: Rent a KINTO Bike & Explore!

Ready to experience Copenhagen like a local and discover all the amazing culinary destinations this city has to offer? Then hop on a KINTO Share Bike!

Our bikes are conveniently located throughout the city, making it easy for you to pedal from pastries to street food to trendy dinners. With KINTO, exploring Copenhagen's diverse food scene is as easy as a tap on our app and a push of the pedals.

Download the app and start your culinary adventure today.

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