Toyota, the official Mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, is facilitating mobility of athletes and staff in the Paralympic Village. In addition to the inclusive shuttle Toyota APM (Accessible People Mover), the Village residents can use personal mobility solutions Toyota C+walk S and Yosh-E via the mobile app Toyota Paris 2024 - KINTO.

Download the app

To ensure fair and easy access to Toyota C+walk S and Yosh-E, both types of micro mobility devices are available exclusively via the mobile App "Toyota Paris 2024 ‑ KINTO".

Register in two minutes only

  1. Download the App 
  2. Go to Menu Login/Register 
  3. New user? Create an account 
  4. Choose the language 
  5. Tick the box and click Register 
  6. Confirm you read the Privacy Policy and accept Terms & Conditions 
  7. Enter your email and password 
  8. Enter your phone number 
  9. Receive and enter confirmation code 
  10. Enter your name and country 
  11. All set!

Toyota C+walk S

Effortless personal mobility available to all.

C+walk S is an easy-to-operate 3-wheeled electric vehicle. It goes up to 6 km/h and is designed to use in walking areas.
To learn more about C+walk S we invite you to watch the video and check out the Quick Start Guide.



Wheelchair e-puller giving more freedom to move.

Yosh-E converts a typical mechanical wheelchair into a battery-powered electric mobility solution. It goes up to 8km/h.

Note: only athletes with a special bracket installed on their wheelchair can use Yosh-E. The allocation will be done by each NPC based on quota communicated by Paris 2024 for each delegation.

Your ride

Micro mobility stations map

There will be 6 dedicated stations in the Paralympic Village making a total of 35 C+walk S and 50 Yosh-E units available. 

Several rules to follow

You can only ride inside the Paralympic Village
You can’t take Toyota C+walk S or Yosh-E outside the Paralympic Village.​
Ride in designated walking areas ​& be safe!​
Please follow Paris 2024 instructions and do not ride off road, on the grass, gravel or rough terrains.
Avoid riding while it's raining​​
C+walk S and Yosh-E can be sensitive to water infiltrations. Avoid riding in the rain to ensure their optimal operations.
You can ride for ​1 hour max at a time​
This time should give you enough flexibility to get around the Village, and guarantee fair use of the service by all athletes.
Park at one of the dedicated KINTO stations
Help us to keep the Village environment organized and safe for everyone!​
End your trip on the KINTO app
To allow your peers to use the mobility device after your trip.​
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